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SMK BINA PUTERA NUSANTARA was established in December 2003 with the aim to show the formation of human character who has personal integrity adheres to the values of the balance of interests of worldly and ukhrowi that should be utilized in everyday life through the behavior of good values that are expected to spread rahmatan li -alamin In line with long journey the establishment of the Homeland  that has become part of the world community must have experienced various events as a manifestation of the dynamic development of human civilization. Not to be left out of the various movements of progress, this time Indonesia has entered the era of reform that has been characterized by liberalization of trade and competition, as the anticipation of course required qualified human resources ready to established the Vocational High School to produce technical personnel intermediate level  that have skills and ready to seize the opportunity in building infra and supra structure of this country.            
Constituted these things then the idea arose to form a working team to design and prepare for the establishment of vocational "character" and had a formidable reputation of highskill graduate, loyal and dedicated.            
After years of procedures and struggle was born the decree of Dinas Pendidikan Kota Tasikmalaya Number: 421.5 / 2191-Disdik / PERSEK On Granting to the foundation of education and health Environment "At-Taqwa" Tasikmalaya to establish SMK Farmasi Putera Nusantara Tasikmalaya which is located on the Liung Gunung street 261 RT.27 / 06 Panyingkiran Indihiang KotaTasikmalaya, Lessons Beginning in 2004/2005. Defined in Tasikmalaya dated 18 December 2003 (attached)            
in Early SMK BINA PUTERA NUSANTARA led by Mr.  Uus Rusyamsi Affandi, SKM uses curriculum 2004 with the opening of the Department of Pharmacy When first opened in 2004, the Nomenclature still using SMK FARMASI PUTERA NUSANTARA - Kota Tasikmalaya accept new students totaled 204 people using the first campus located on the  Liung Gunung street Ds. panyingkiran Indihiang KotaTasikmalaya.

Changes of Nomenclature
Based on the Decree of Dinas Pendidikan Kota Tasikmalaya Number: 421.5 / 9292 / Dikmen About Changes Nomenclature / Name / Expertise In vocational schools (SMK) Farmasi Putera Nusantara Tasikmalaya to SMK Bina Putera Nusantara Kota  Tasikmalaya is located at 261st Liunggunung Street Panyingkiran Indihiang Kota Tasikmalaya and Sukarindik Street No.63A Indihiang Tasikmalaya. Set in Tasikmalaya, dated February 22, 2008

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Sukses selalu SMK BPN ????

Andini Dwi Agustin

mantaaap. BPN makin beda

Gunawan Azhar

alhamdulillah bisa menjadi bagian di smk bpn ini, serta bpn makin maju.

arief kharisma

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